Traction with Phil Mazur

Phil Mazur is an EOS Implementor and has extensive experience in the world of property management. Matthew and Spencer speak with Phil about why every property management company should be running Traction (EOS) no matter the size.

2:10 – Introduction to Traction and the EOS Model
3:50 – Our guest/friend and EOS Implementer, Phil Mazur
7:54 – Why EOS is important to your growth
9:20 – The EOS Pillars
10:16 – Developing your vision
10:55 – People
15:33 – Issues
19:38 – Using KPIs and data to drive your business
26:13 – The importance of your processes
33:04 – How to get started with the EOS model for your business

Reach out to Phil at The CFO Mission if you want help with EOS implementation or any of his other services.

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