Mark’s multifaceted marketing and sales approach to growing his business has resulted in explosive growth over the past several years.

Mark Ainley does it all. He is the Marketing, Sales, and Onboarding specialist at GC Realty and Development in Chicago. His aggressive approach to educating potential clients through podcasts, e-books, investor tools and much more has helped grow their business from 300 to 1,200 units. Learn more about how Mark structures his marketing funnel and follow up sequences in Leadsimple to stay in front of his potential clients and position himself as the market expert for Chicago. This episode will wrap up our sales series and give you plenty of actionable items you can implement in your own journey from 300 to 3,000.

Important Highlights:

2:00 – Introduction to Mark Ainley
4:18 -The sales position at GC
7:19 – Hiring the positions you’re not good at
10:00 – A day in the life
16:15 – Where GC’s leads come from
19:25 – New investor questions
22:05 – GC Sales Pipeline
26:10 – When will this process be delegated?
19:14 – Closing percentage

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