Learn how you keep your new owners happy as you scale.

As our company began scaling, we ran into some issues moving new clients successfully from sales to fully onboarded and happy owners. It wasn’t as smooth as we had imagined and we ended up losing a lot of clients out the back door. This is why we created a new position we call Owner Onboarding after reading the book ‘Never Lose Another Customer Again.’ Do we have it all figured out? No…but this episode will give you a transparent look into the mistakes we’ve made as well as the progress.

Important Highlights:

3:46 – Walking through the Owner Onboarding process
14:03 – When to go out of the process
15:51 – What would they do-over?
16:43 – A good number to manage the pipeline from PM agreement all the way to rented home?
18:22 – One reasonable handoff from sales to PM

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