Learn what used to be our worst performing department has become our best.

When you’re growing your management company, some things need to be automated in order to scale. And this is exactly what we attempted to do in our leasing department – automate every aspect of the process to handle the volume. In this episode, we sit down with Jacob West who spearheaded our efforts to move from automation to customization of our leasing team…all the while handling around 1,400 applications per month. He shares what worked, what didn’t work, and how we managed to get most of our 5-STAR reviews from our leasing team.

Important Highlights:

0:10 – Introduction
1:35 – How our leasing process used to be
5:35 – Leasing pipeline
20:10 – Application process
24:33 – Data with apps & properties
25:46 – Trends across markets
34:30 – Podium

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