Former Evernest BDM, Maya Madden, explains why RentScale is the industry leader in sales training

This episode is not like all the rest. We’re excited to welcome one of our former BDMs, Maya Madden, to the show. After leaving Evernest, Maya made her way to RentScale where property managers build their sales foundation, optimize their CRM, and train salespeople for high performance. We’ll dive into successful BDM traits, the RentScale process for training BDMs, and even discuss a few industry debates that are critical for your success.

Important Highlights:

1:22 – Maya’s gkhouses story
5:05 – Moving from Receptionist to Sales
7:48 – Successful BDM traits
9:24 – What changed her thinking?
11:31 – The career Maya took after Evernest
12:51 – Maya today at RentScale
14:27 – Finding and training a BDM
17:29 – When do you need to start hiring a BDM instead of doing it yourself?
19:22 – Success Stories using RentScale
22:40 – Industry debates around BDM’s

Contact: or (205)603-1874

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