Learn from one of the best BDM trainers in our industry

In this episode, Spencer and Matthew do a deep dive into what Brad has learned and implemented in his own successful property management business. Brad explains his marketing strategy (think website and remote team members) as well as the most important task of the BDM – time from when the lead is received to when they are contacted back. This episode is full of actionable items you can use to grow your own property management business from 300 to 3,000.

Important Highlights:

2:21 – Introduction to Brad Larsen
3:36 – Overall Philosophy for the Sales Pipeline
7:42 – The follow up for Prospective Owners (best practices)
9:21 – How are leads finding RentWerx?
10:47 – How to send a message that you’re going to go above & beyond?
30:37 – Managing your funnel with a CRM
37:39 – What happens when the owner doesn’t want to sign on the spot?
40:28 – The different approaches depending if it is a home owner vs owner with a portfolio
44:27 – RTMs in RentWerx’s process

Contact: bizdevmastermind.com

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