Sales Series: How we signed up over 800 properties in 2020

In 2016 we were managing just over 300 leads with one BDM. In 2020 Jen Merritt and her team handled over 2,000 leads across multiple markets with several remote BDMs. In this episode, we walk through how we scaled our sales department, discuss our sales pipeline, and find out what Jen looks for when she’s hiring in sales.

Important Highlights:

1:38 – History of our Sales department
12:30 – Difference in previous BDM roles vs now
17:13 – Sales process, first interaction: What types of things do people normally know about the company when they call?
27:25 – Second interaction: Follow up call
31:59 – Drip campaign purpose & how they bring value
36:32 – The decision-making process, how does it go down?
40:43 – Importance of the owner onboarding process
47:20 – Sales scorecard – What do BDMs need to be held accountable to?
50:17 – Structured BDM compensation, how does it work?

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