Your accounting department is one of the most critical aspects of your growth.

Accounting and Communication go hand in hand. If your accounting isn’t buttoned up, you will spend more time communicating and create a higher probability of owner turnover. In this episode, we interview Curren Melgarejo, our Director of Finance. We’ll discuss what accounting looked like at 300 properties in one market and what it looks like now that we’re managing over 3,500 properties across the country. We’ll also explore what you need to pay attention to if you hope to scale and sell your company down the road.

Important Highlights:

1:37 – The two segments that break down the accounting department
4:24 – Curren dives into external accounting and what that looks like
7:28 – 2014 vs 2021 accounting
9:29 – The daily discipline for accounting
15:28 – When should you consider outsourcing accounting?
23:55 – Internal accounting and how it helps us scale our company
42:47 – Sales and marketing in your company

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