What you need to know to raise the capital needed to acquire your competitor or open a new market

Adding one or two properties a week likely won’t get you to 3,000 units as quickly as you want. You may need some help. That’s where raising capital comes into play. In this episode we dive into the two primary ways we’ve financed our growth – equity and debt. We’re not experts by any means, but we’ll give you our real world experience and what you can expect from investors or lenders.

Important Highlights:

1:34 – Funding acquisitions through equity & debt
3:13 – Selling shares of your company
15:16 – Private equity and ventures explained
20:48 – What makes property management a good space for private equity?
22:23 – What makes property management a good space for venture capital?
26:22 – Five debt categories Introduced:
26:51 – #1: Seller debt
30:01 – #2: SBA financing
35:17 – #3: Bank financing
36:56 – #4: Mezzanine Debt
38:52 – #5: Past Mezzanine debt

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