Dive into the step-by-step Evernest process of annual goal setting

Matthew and Spencer dive into the two-day Leadership Offsite meeting that has established the goals resulting in year over year growth. They discuss everything from atmosphere to icebreakers and how to approach the most critical issues in your growing business.

Important Highlights:

0:47 – Matthew & Spencer introduce the Leadership Offsite meeting
3:45 – What is the framework of a Leadership Offsite Meeting?
7:38 – Matthew explains the preparation before the team comes together
12:26 – Day 1: The “offsite” Importance
17:04 – Positive & Objective feedback: One thing they already do well… and one thing they could do to make the company better…
23:09 – SWAT Analysis
27:59 – VTO (Vision Traction Organizer): Test it, create 3 year objectives & 1 year goals.
33:58Day 2: Building the annual goals
39:25 – The offsite conclusion pieces & how we implement these plans throughout the year

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