We are Property Managers with offices in Atlanta, Birmingham, Boulder, Chattanooga, Denver, Detroit, Fort Collins, Jackson, Little Rock, and Nashville.

Evernest started during and survived through The Great Recession of 2007/’08.
Over the years we have grown from 30 properties under management to almost 3,000.
This podcast is aimed at helping property managers grow from 300 to 3,000. We hope
you enjoy the content – be sure to subscribe and give us a review! 

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Your Hosts

Matthew and Spencer have known each other and been investing in real estate since 2003. Both survived The Great Recession of ’07-’08 (barely) and lived to tell about it. Now they are both passionate about investor education and are a part of the leadership team of Evernest, a property management company based in Birmingham and with offices in Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ohio, Mississippi, Michigan, and Colorado.

the birmingham rental investor
Matthew Whitaker

Founder, Director of Market Development
Matthew is a student of the book Good To Great and is passionate about building Evernest to become the best property management company on the planet; and maybe even the universe if Elon Musk will hurry up. To do that, he spent the first seven years of Evernest in the trenches but now focuses most of his time facilitating growth in other markets. Entrepreneurship runs in the family. His wife runs a successful business called Engaged. You can usually find Matthew at the baseball field with his son, at a dance recital with his daughter or at his favorite restaurant with his wife, when he’s not in the office. And if you can’t find him any of those places, it probably means he’s traveling. Hometown: Vestavia Hills, Alabama

the birmingham rental investor
Spencer Sutton

Director of Marketing
Spencer wakes up with Google and Facebook on his mind. His passion is all things marketing and lead generation – both new owners and new tenants! Having bought and sold over 150 homes in Birmingham (even making money on SOME of them), he gets a kick out of helping new and seasoned investors navigate the mistakes he made as an investor. Spencer is also passionate about his love for Michael Jordan and does his best to explain to the Millennials (who never saw him play live) how much better he was than LeBron. Spencer has traveled to some of the most remote parts of the world with Neverthirst (India, Sudan, South Sudan, Nepal, Central African Republic, etc..) but mostly loves to hang out with his wife, kids, and the world’s best black lab, Jett. Hometown: Mtn. Brook, Alabama

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